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Butler Lions Club Partners in Service to Butler Area

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BlindAssocLogo Butler/Armstrong Counties Association for the Blind

Since Lion inception in 1923 they have been our key partner & beneficiary. We helped establish them and since then we have helped each other service their sight impaired clients. The Blind Association is our home base for our meetings and many other events. They also sell our products for us.
Fairground Market Catering

In addition to catering our meeting meals, they help us do our sausage sales each fall & spring.
Butler Chiropractic Associates

We also recognize & thank doctors Tony & Ann Bilott & their staff for selling our products in their office.
Balouris Eye Center

Over the years, Dr. Balouris has been a consistent supporter of the Butler County Blind Association. Continuing that trend they (the staff) help the Lions fund raising effort by selling Lion Brooms in their office.
Dr Steven F. Hinterberger Optometry

We also recognize & thank Dr Hinterberger and his staff for selling our Lion Products.

Trinity Lutheran Church

We also recognize & thank the church for hosting our Christmas Tree Sale and selling our Lion Products. They have been very supportive allowing us to use their facilities as needed.

The ARC of Butler County

We have developed a relationship with them by selling some of the products their clients manufacture, specifically fire starters and citronella candle buckets. We continue to look for additional opportunities to work with them.

Pearl Vision works with us to meet the needs of local residents who cannot afford eye care.

Pearle Vision (Clearview Mall)
101 Clearview Circle
Butler, PA, 16001-1576
(724) 282-2383

180 Point Plaza Butler, Pa 16001
Sharp Shopper Grocery Outlet

We joint venture with them during their Customer Appreciation Days in June. They allow us to serve hot dogs, chips and drink to their customers for 50 cents and allow us to keep the 50 cents. These 50 cent donations turn into a significant donation to our club.

781 New Castle Rd Butler, Pa 16001
Artisan Restaurant & Catering Company

They sell Butler Lion Brooms at their restaurant

109 S Main St Chicora, Pa 16025
Chicora Trading Post

The Chicora Trading Post has a little bit of everything including a display of Butler Lions Brooms which are available for purchase. The post is owned by Norm & Jennifer(who is a Butler Lion Member) Bindernagel.

140 W New Castle St Butler, Pa 16001 (on the hill)
Spencer D Geibel Funeral Home and Cremation Services

The Spencer Geibel Funeral Home works with us to sell Butler Lion Products. Spencer is a member of our club.
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